Flower garden in the country for beginners

In this article, we will talk with you about how to decorate a flower garden in the country with our own hands for beginners, see photos of the best options for flower beds, get acquainted with not complicated, but very important rules for creating flower beds in the country. We will not dive into the theory of landscape design, but will consider only practical recommendations and see illustrative examples of the most interesting flower beds.

Illumination of a place for a flower garden

The illumination of the chosen place is of great importance for the future flower garden.
Of course, some plants can grow in partial shade, but many flowers will not be able to reach their full potential in low light. As a result, you will not be able to get a fragrant flower garden.
A well-lit area is considered to be an area where sunlight is present for 5 or more hours.
An area illuminated by sunlight for 3-5 hours is considered penumbra.
An area illuminated for 2 hours or less is shady.
The presence of moisture in optimal amounts is vital for most plants. Therefore, you need to analyze and adjust the composition of the soil as necessary.
If the soil is sandy, then you need to add compost, which will increase the moisture capacity of the soil.
If the soil is clayey, then on the contrary, you need to add sand in order to increase water permeability.

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The shape of the future flower garden

You need to decide on the shape and area of ​​the future flower garden based on the possibilities of the summer cottage, your imagination and taste.
The shape of the flower garden can be either regular geometric or arbitrary.
It is worth choosing a geometric shape if it is combined with other elements of landscape design. For example, straight garden paths.

Plant placement plan

For a flower garden, you need to choose the most advantageous place in terms of visibility. You are not going to just admire its beauty yourself. The flower garden should become the center of attention, the highlight of your summer cottage. Therefore, it must be visible from several directions. A flower garden is a place where it is pleasant to be, experience positive emotions.

Beautiful combination of flowers in the flower bed

Of course, you can arbitrarily plant plants on the flower garden, regardless of the color of their flowers. Such a motley picture will probably more resemble a natural landscape. But this is unlikely to be the best option, unless, of course, you are creating something like a rock garden.
It is more logical to plant plants in the flower garden that blend well in color, as well as in the original shape of the leaves.

How and how to arrange a flower garden in the country

In this case, I do not mean planting a flower garden, but its outer edging, that is, a border.
As a border, you can use undersized plants. This method is quite common. You can also use various building materials or ready-made garden products to create a border. The most common and, one might say, the most durable material for creating a flower bed border is stone. It can be either a processed stone of a rectangular shape.

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